Software as a Service is rapidly changing the way software companies bring their products and services to the market. Thanks to SaaS, companies can now reach a global audience instantly. In Belgium, many software builders are considering a transition towards a SaaS offering.

Sirris, Agoria, iMinds and LSEC, all non-profit organizations, joined forces to help Belgian software companies make this transition, by organizing workshops and information sessions that help you understand the challenges and solutions for going Cloud and SaaS.


An holostic view of SaaS transition

Many software companies consider SaaSification as a purely technological endeavor. Although this is correct, moving to SaaS is not only about solving technological challenges. Software companies that focus and invest only in the pure technology challenges of creating a scalable multitenant platform fail to consider the larger implications of moving to SaaS.SaaS Users tell us that access to self-service features, including user management, online usage stats, and billing options, is very important to them. SaaS requires that software companies invest in organizational and operational changes to support SaaS as its own unique channel.







Philippe Thiran

Philippe Thiran is the Nebucom's coordinator. He is R&D advisor (Cloud computing & Smart Cities) in ICT at Sirris (Brussels) and a professor of computer science at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Namur (Belgium). His interests cover distributed information and software technologies like Web technologies, SOA and SaaS (Cloud computing) and ICT applications for smart cities (smart mobility and urban planning). He has been involved in several European and national R&D projects as well as standardization bodies (W3C, IEEE and OASIS). He has co-authored more than 70 scientific papers and co-organized more than 10 international conferences (including IEEE Service Congress and MobiWIS). He is a member of Nessi (Networked European Software and Services Initiative) and the IEEE Services Computing Community. He is leading different Sirris initiatives in Cloud computing and Smart Cities.

Nick Boucart

Nick Boucart works at Sirris as a technological advisor in software engineering and ICT. He has 10+ years of experience in software development teams large and small. Nick fills his day coaching technology startups, helping software companies make technological choices, often on the borders of business, product and technology.

Peter Verhasselt

Peter Verhasselt is an engineer, jurist and strategist with a large network in Belgian high tech industry. Peter has started and led the Mistral program at Sirris that guided 70+ companies in finding the right technology strategy to enable growth.

Omar Mohout

Omar Mohout is a Growth Engineer – building repeatable, scalable customer acquisition engines for technology companies.

Bart Meert

Bart Meert is since 2006 active at Agoria as Manager for the ICT sector. Before joining Agoria, Bart was an expert on ICT in Logistics at the Flanders Institute for Logistics, consultant for a management consulting firm, ran a internet startup company for 10 Belgian retail companies, worked as an( e-business) strategy consultant for Ernst & Young Consulting and worked for five years at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in the domain of Management and Information Systems (MIS). He has an educational background in Economics, Business Information & Service Management and Supply Chain Management. He is particularly interested in new trends in ICT and their possible applications in a business context, business process reengineering, e-business, Cloud Computing, ICT strategy and business alignment.

Ulrich Seldeslachts

Ulrich Seldeslachts is the CEO of LSEC – Leaders in Security, a non-profit association focussed on creating awareness for enterprise and government on Information Security, bringing together expertise on Security and electronic Identities in Europe. Ulrich has been leading the group of information security professionals in Belgium for many years. He is founding partner of the European Security Innovation Network, bringing together the experts on information security related topicsfrom all over the world.


The project is supported by VLAIO (Vlaanderen)