Build MVP's and other McKinsey Insights in "From Box to Cloud" report.

Recently, McKinsey released a publication called “From Box to Cloud” to support software development companies’ strategy to move into the cloud using a SaaS model.

In the report, McKinsey formulates 6 insights:

  1. Build minimum viable products, not big bang releases, go for small scale proof of concepts, rather than spending all company resources in a complete transformation – but rather to control the online activities and grow with existing and new customers.
  2. Treat users as part of the day-to-day development team, which also entails
  3. Agility and scrum-style developments, but especially to ensure a process to include regular customer interactions, with controlled intermediate releases.
  4. Although failure is not an option, expect some mistakes whereby some external factors not under control could lead to outages or functions temporarily being out of order. Risk-sensitive businesses should take this into account. However, most clouds are self-healing by nature and can always be restored to a previous version.
  5. Developers should be given quality and testing assurance responsibilities. These responsibilities should go hand in hand with additional resources, including time and tools (such as automated testing capabilities in the cloud) to be able to execute testing properly.
  6. Investing in cutting-edge capabilities, both up to speed management style, DevOps and allow for fast integration with innovative cloud services.

These findings are in line with what we hear and see in our coachings through the Nebucom project. We too advise to start small, because "going SaaS" requires a serious change in business model, and a lot of new capabilities to be acquired, security and DevOps, to name just a few.

So how are you approaching the transition from Box to Cloud?

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