Introducing the SaaS in Belgium Slack Channel

I often get questions like these from clients: 

  • Do you know teams that work with technology XYZ and that have good experience with it?
  • What are other SaaS companies using for their subscription billing?
  • How do others do enterprise sales for a SaaS product?
  • Where do others find good developers/testers/support engineers?

In our work with software entrepreneurs in Belgium, we often hear that people would like to connect with peers, to share experiences and learn from each other. This is in itself nothing new. The success of many conferences, meet ups and other events is for a large parts due to the urge of people to exchange ideas and experiences with one another.

That's why we would like to start an experiment with setting up a "SaaS in Belgium" Slack channel, to connect the Belgian SaaS people and to give them a "back channel" where they can discuss things with peers. Have some thoughts on hiring new developers? Want to know who's using React  and React Native? Just ask.  The slack channel is invite only, please drop an email to is you'd like an invite.

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