SaaS CTO Sessions

In the last 2 years, the Nebucom team organized a number of boot camps, from SaaS technology stacks to sessions on security and privacy. After the summer, we're  trying out something new: we would like to organize a number of high level, technical sessions titled SaaS CTO sessions. The idea would be that during  such 3 hour session, the Nebucom team, strengthened with external experts, presents an overview of a SaaS related topic, to get you up to speed in a very short time.
Potential topics could be:

  • Introduction to DevOps: what's the current state of practice in the DevOps community
  • Subscription billing: providers, API's, how to get started?
  • SaaS KPI's: introduction to LTV, CAC and other acronyms that matter for your business
  • The SaaS frontend: mobile, responsive, native?
  • ...

The topics and timing is under discussion, we'll welcome your feedback and ideas. You would help us tremendously by filling out this quick survey below.



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