The Inconvenient Truth About SaaS Hockey Stick Growth


Running a SaaS business is a numbers game. Small changes in key figures like Churn or Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) can have a serious impact on your cash flow. And while we are at it, hockey stick growth requires deep pockets of cash. In this post, we’ll run you through some simulations to illustrate how.

Is Your SaaS Ready for Mobile?

Mobile browsing is fast becoming the norm. And yet, when I look at many SaaS applications via my smartphone, I cringe a little: confusing, awkward and unsightly. Now that more and more people are using their smartphone as their primary screen, SaaS providers have to ask themselves if their applications are ready to be used in any situation. In short: is your SaaS product toilet-proof?

A Content Marketing Machine on a Budget

Many SaaS companies use content marketing as one of their strategies to attract new customers at scale. In this nice presentation, colleague Omar explains in 10 slides how you can start building a lean and mean content marketing machine for your SaaS business.