Freemium? Free Trails? Basic, Pro and Enterprise Plans? SaaS Pricing Is Hard!

In Lean Startup, a lot of attention is put into discovering the right offer for the right customer segment for your SaaS product. Pricing is left a bit in the dark. Yes, you can test the willingness to pay for your SaaS offering via landing pages. You can offer free plans to attract users, give them an awesome experience and hope they convert to paying customers. Others tell you to get rid of your free plans sooner than later and go for time limited free trails. There is even anecdotal evidence that indicates that a lot of SaaS companies adjust their pricing dramatically over time. You’ll find excel sheets to calculate Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn, Life Time Value, Customer Acquisition Cost and the likes.

Security at Breakneck Speed in Times of Heartbleed

Today, an increasing number of companies are abandoning traditional, on-premise software packages for SaaS. And why wouldn’t they? Hosting your company software elsewhere enables you to rationalize investments, adapt more smoothly in a quickly evolving IT landscape, and access applications wherever you need them. In addition, software developers receive valuable user data, enabling them to update their solutions to fit their customers’ needs. But with that increased flexibility come some major security challenges.