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Nowadays, computer programmers need to learn an increasing number of programming languages to satisfy their clients and/or employers. For newcomers in the world of software development, however, the enormous number of options can be frustrating and confusing. So what is the ideal programming language for aspiring developers to start with?

Focus on Your Business, Leave Your IT Infrastructure to the Cloud: Round-up - Part 2

These past months we drummed up major international names in cloud computing for a series of workshops. The starting point of the sessions: Focus on your business, leave your IT infrastructure to the cloud. After meet & greets with Amazon, Rackspace, IBM and CSC, you could also hear six Belgian cloud specialists speak during our final meeting on 11 February in Brussels. They gave a bunch of valuable tips to take into account for people who want to set up a powerful cloud infrastructure. In a previous post you got a recap of Daniel Bartz’ presentation, and here below you can read what Frederik Denkens had to say.