To API or not to API?

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are everywhere. According to, there are over 15.000 providers of public APIs. That’s why more and more SaaS and other companies today are wondering if they should jump the API bandwagon. This post will briefly explain what an API is and highlight some of the business rationales why publishing an API alongside your (SaaS) software product might be beneficial for you.

SaaS CTO Sessions

In the last 2 years, the Nebucom team organized a number of boot camps, from SaaS technology stacks to sessions on security and privacy. After the summer, we're  trying out something new: we would like to organize a number of high level, technical sessions titled SaaS CTO sessions. The idea would be that during  such 3 hour session, the Nebucom team, strengthened with external experts, presents an overview of a SaaS related topic, to get you up to speed in a very short time.
Potential topics could be: