Product management - probably the toughest job in a SaaS business

I was writing a new feature announcement email, and found myself describing this new feature in 7 (seven!) easy steps. While writing this email, wondered why I was exposing my users to some of the implementation details. So I sat back for a moment, opened my code editor, changed my user interface, hiding all the internal stuff and deployed the change. Then I sent an updating email and enjoyed for a brief moment a feeling of achievement.

Made in Belgium - 7 entrepreneurs face 5 biggest Startup Challenges

What do home automation for the elderly, advanced predictive analytics made easy and an auto-scaling cloud to manage brand marketing have in common? Together with a new online point-of-sale solution and an easy online B2B publishing platform, they’re all innovations by Belgian entrepreneurs. But innovators face tough challenges. To overcome these obstacles, seven aspiring businesses have joined Startathlon in a bid to take their business to the next level.