Experimenting with Big Data

It is not long ago (August 2013) Nasdaq suffered an enormous crash . Experts claimed the Nasdaq collapse was caused by a communication failure between its platform for processing quotes and trades and that of another party. The fallout of this failure resulted in a third fewer shares being traded in the US on that day. This is only one particular problem caused by too much data trafficking.

Application-level multi-tenancy: the promise and pitfalls of shared-everything architectures

SaaS providers aim for economy of scale: multiple customers (tenants) must be serviced on a common infrastructure/platform or software application.
As such, application service providers (ASPs, and more recently SaaS providers) have evolved their deployment architecture from strict hardware separation between tenants towards an increasing level of sharing between tenants. This process is mainly driven by scalability and maintainability reasons.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: 6 APIs for instant SaaS Success

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Running a software as a service (SaaS) business is hard: you need to develop and evolve a stellar software product, that elegantly and intuitively, dare I say 'auto-magically' solves pressing problems for your customers. You need to attract new customers, bring them onboard and hook them for life, you need to address support issues.