API Product Design Master Class

Application Programming Interfaces or API’s are everywhere. According to ProgrammableWeb, there are over 14.000 different API’s developers can use to build new applications upon. For many companies, offering an API for their products and services opens a whole new channel. One can argue that Twitter’s success can at least partially be contributed to the fact that very early on, they released an API, attracting thousands and thousands of developers that build a whole ecosystem around Twitter. A whole generation of Cloud players are API centric: stripe.com offers payment services through a rich API while Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers offer computing resources through API’s. For many Cloud and SaaS companies, offering an API becomes a means to engage developers and other businesses to build on top of them, effectively enriching their market position.

In this 1 day master class, you’ll have an overview on what it takes to build a business of your API’s. We’ll cover topics like API design and best practices, API managementdeveloper portals and so on. After this day, you’ll have an holistic view on how to design and how to design and deploy API’s yourselves.

Draft Program

9:00 Welcome

9:00-10:30 What are API’s, some history, API as a product

10:45:12:30 API Design: best practices, versioning, REST and JSON

12:30-13:30: lunch

13:30-14:30 API Management: keys, rate limiting, analytics, API management platforms

14:45-15:30 Developer portals, interactive documentation, SWAGGER

15:30-16:30: Business case and testimonial

16:30-17:00 Roundup, conclusions


June 15th 2016


Sirris Leuven Celestijnenlaan 300C, BE-3001 Heverlee


Nick Boucart, Sr. Technology Advisor Cloud and SaaS at Sirris


300 euro (250 for Sirris members) per company (excl. VAT), possibility of KMO-portefeuille

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