How to Price My Saas? Bootcamp 2

In Lean Startup, a lot of attention is put into discovering the right offer for the right customer segment for your SaaS product. Pricing is left a bit in the dark. Yes, you can test the willingness to pay for your SaaS offering via landing pages. You can offer free plans to attract users, give them an awesome experience and hope they convert to paying customers. Others tell you to get rid of your free plans sooner than later and go for time limited free trails. There is even anecdotal evidence that indicates that a lot of SaaS companies adjust their pricing dramatically over time. You’ll find excel sheets to calculate Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn, Life Time Value, Customer Acquisition Cost and the likes.
Next sessions: 11 June and 25 June 2015

My Software as a Service Bootcamp 2

Explore the opportunities of SaaS for growing your software business.

SaaS and Cloud are all the rage these days. The majority of new software products released today, are released through an "as a Service" model. Some SaaS companies show incredible growth. Even in Belgium, there are numerous examples of software companies that managed to grow and/or secure nice rounds of financing thanks to a well executed SaaS strategy.

SaaS MVP Engineering

So you have this idea for a SaaS product, you even have a prototype ready. You might even have a first couple of users, and a feature list that is growing daily.

All good and well, but how will you monitor your application, so that you'll know something went wrong before your users know? How are you going to setup recurring payments for your application? What kind of analytics will you install so you can learn what your individual users are doing with your application? What do you need to build yourselves, what can be leveraged from elsewhere?