My Software as a Service Bootcamp 2

Explore the opportunities of SaaS for growing your software business.

SaaS and Cloud are all the rage these days. The majority of new software products released today, are released through an "as a Service" model. Some SaaS companies show incredible growth. Even in Belgium, there are numerous examples of software companies that managed to grow and/or secure nice rounds of financing thanks to a well executed SaaS strategy.

What about your software offering?

Of course, for them, it was easy, they were SaaS from day one. For most software companies in Belgium, the situation is more complicated:Your current offering is complex and requires tweaking and tuningfor each customer, you face long sales cycles, your software architecture and technology was never intended to be used across the Internet by multiple customers at once. All this is preventing you from growing your business through a SaaS model. And while we are at it, all this Cloud/IaaS/PaaS/SaaS stuff is pretty overwhelming, isn't it.

"My Software as a SaaS?" bootcamp.

Enter the My Software as a SaaS? bootcamp: In 3 afternoon sessions, we will bring you up to speed with the whole idea of a SaaS business and identify with you the roadblocks you might encounter on your way to a scalable SaaS offering. We'll bring you in contact with experienced entrepreneurs that went through this journey before you. After those 3 afternoons, you'll understand how you might benefit from going SaaS.

Practical details:

Target Audience: Decision makers (CEO, Founders, CTO) of software companies that are considering SaaS to grow their business but currently do not have a SaaS offering yet.

Dates: May 6th, May 13th and May 20th, 13-18h.

Format: 3 highly interactive afternoon workshops, with homework and coaching in between the sessions, for a limited audience, max. 8 companies.


Session 1: The Big Picture

  • Introduction to SaaS and how it differs from a "traditional" software business, with a focus on the whole business model.
  • What is SaaS, why SaaS, why SaaS now – definition and trends
  • Differences between a "traditional" software company and a SaaS company
  • SaaS Revenue Models and financials
  • Top 10 things to do and not do for SaaS companies when it comes to security & privacy

Session 2: Discovering a SaaS Offering

  • Introduction to Lean Startup
  • Discovering what SaaS offering works and for whom
  • Building scalable channels and customer relationships

Session 3: Technology and Processes

  • Building blocks of a SaaS application: (IaaS, PaaS, public/private cloud)
  • Legacy software in the Cloud
  • SaaS engineering processes: introduction to DevOps

Location Ghent or Leuven, to be announced.

Price: € 1.200 for the 3 afternoons. You are entitled to bring 2 participants per company. SME's can get 50% subsidy via KMO Portefeuille.

Our Experts

Nick Boucart  works at Sirris as a technological advisor in software engineering and ICT. He has 10+ years of experience in software development teams large and small. Nick fills his day coaching technology startups, helping software companies make technological choices, often on the borders of business, product and technology. He is currently building his own SaaS product.

Peter Verhasselt is an engineer, jurist and strategist with a large network in Belgian high tech industry. Peter has started and led the Mistral program at Sirris that guided 70+ companies in finding the right technology strategy to enable growth.  [Omar Mohout]( is a Growth Engineer – building repeatable, scalable customer acquisition engines for technology companies.

Ulrich Seldeslachts is the CEO of LSEC - Leaders in Security, a non-profit association focussed on creating awareness for enterprise and government on Information Security, bringing together expertise on Security and electronic Identities in Europe. Ulrich has been leading the group of information security professionals in Belgium for many years. He is founding partner of the European Security Innovation Network, bringing together the experts on information security related topics from all over the world.

Frederik Denkens is co-founder at skyscrapers, cloud hosting experts who can guide you through the options of cloud computing and help you find, build and maintain the best solution for your needs at any moment.


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