SaaS Technology Stacks in Practice

Software as a Service is rapidly becoming the norm when it comes to bringing new software to the market. According to IDC, 91% of all new software is offered through an as a service model. Although it is pretty well understood how a SaaS model works, implementing, operating and growing a SaaS business remains a complex endeavor, where success or failure can depend on small things. 

Modern SaaS companies like Mailchimp or GitHub, build their service by mixing and matching cloud and online services into a Technology Stack that works for them. A cleverly compiled technology stack helps SaaS companies to increase the speed at which they evolve, while allowing experimentation and scalability. Components of such a tech stack include hosting services, monitoring and analytics, payment services, transactional email, support and ticketing and much more. 

In this 2 day hands-on course, participants will build themselves a SaaS Technology Stack using a myriad of online services and open source tools. Participants will walk home with practical tips, advice and most important actionable to-do’s they can implement in their own stack within days.  In 2 days, you, together with a colleague, will build a modern Tech Stack around a simple MVP (minimal viable product) SaaS product. You’ll learn how to setup the infrastructure you need to attract, service, support and bill your first customers. Under the guidance of seasoned experts, you will combine Leading Edge Web Application Frameworks, Web Services and ton’s of open source libraries to end up with a working piece of software, online, all wired and fired up. You will learn how to instrument your application with user analytics to understand how users are using your product.  You’ll setup automated billing to receive money from your customers. And last but not least, you’ll be doing your first steps in lifecycle marketing, an essential skill for each SaaS entrepreneurs.


Day 1:

9:00-10:30: Welcome +  intro to SaaS + intro into the app we’ll be using as our demo

10:30-12:00: Getting familiar with the demo app, setting up a deployment pipeline, from laptop to staging to production in as little steps as we can

12:30 - 13:30: Lunch

13:30-15:30: How’s my application doing? Monitoring, performance, logging and basic analytics.

15:30-17:00: Email: Transactional email, rich html email, A/B testing in just 3 lines of code.

 Day 2:

9:10:30: instrument your app with analytics - GA and Intercom - first contact with life cycle marketing - welcoming new users - focus on onboarding

10:30:12:30: Signing up users on different pricing plans -

12:30-13:30: Lunch

13:30:15:30: Setting up a product management dashboard for your app.

15:30-17:00: wrap up, lessons learned and feedback


April 14 and 15th 2016


Basic knowledge of html, css, javascript

Basic knowledge of backend programming (web applicants, routing, MVC pattern, etc…)

git installed, github account

Node.js and Meteor.js are a plus


For each of the block in the course, starting code will be provided through github, so you don't get stuck. Detailed walk throughs, links to supporting video's, articles and material will be provided per lesson.

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