Workshop Financial ABC or Startups


While your SaaS creates value and your business model captures value, it’s cash flow that keeps startups and SaaS companies alive.

Because cash flow is where the essential properties of a business model are determined, we will go into detail on the specific cash monitoring and profitability models for startups.

In this workshop, we'll go back to the essentials of finance and so we will start with the cash register of the butcher. What is in, is cash, what you don’t find in, is called bookkeeping.

We will cover the Financial Essentials for Startups: 

  • The business plan with the revenue and cost drivers
  • The assets and the techniques to finance them (capital and loans)
  • The difference between cash flow, business margin, bottom line profit and the values in a balance sheet
  • Cash planning based on the assumptions in your business plan.

The workshop will increase your knowledge and awareness of financial issues Startups are facing:

  • We will support you with easy to use tools for building and adapting your own financial business models
  • We also will give you straightforward follow-up methods to overcome the financial cliffs off the first startup years
  • We will try to make it easier for you to understand your “crazy” accountant. A mutual understanding based on shared terminology and models is hereby essential

The workshop will be interactive, so don’t hesitate to share some problems you face with your own plans and models.

The experts are Jos Feyaerts and Peter Verhasselt.

Workshop details:

Date: January 30, 2015: 1-6pm

Location: Vlerick School of Management - Reep 1, Gent (map)

 Price: 100€/person

Registration via

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