Cloud Computing and Retail: a Huge Opportunity?

On April 20th, Comeos and Agoria invite stakeholders in retail for an exclusive seminar. Participants will get the chance to personally meet some of the experts in cloud computing. During this event, you'll get up to speed on how the retail sector is embracing cloud computing to bend threats into opportunities.

Workshop Financial ABC or Startups


While your SaaS creates value and your business model captures value, it’s cash flow that keeps startups and SaaS companies alive.

Because cash flow is where the essential properties of a business model are determined, we will go into detail on the specific cash monitoring and profitability models for startups.

In this workshop, we'll go back to the essentials of finance and so we will start with the cash register of the butcher. What is in, is cash, what you don’t find in, is called bookkeeping.