Intelligent Application Broking and Provisioning in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

The carbon footprint of data centers increases further as ever more services are hosted in the cloud, leveraging the need for an efficient management of the available resources. State-of-the-art servers exhibit a linear relationship between resource and power usage, but software optimizations such as intelligent provisioning can increase the energy efficiency, reducing both the energy consumption and operational costs.

SaaSification Security

The SaasificationSecurity website tries to provide guidance on several topics regarding Software-as-a-Service applications. First, we provide guidance for security and privacy challenges regarding a new and existing publisher - SaaS provider, both from and end user perspective (the SaaS platform being hosted in the cloud) as from a provider perspective. Secondly, we offer guidelines on securing the applications and services themselves, from the perspective as a software vendor : considerations on software development, authentication and identity, publishing and licensing, software protection, reverse engineering protection, application server security, (in) payment processing, key management, etc. Finally, we try to provide guidelines for developing SaaS models for security vendors which are becoming part of the architecture of the cloud itself, similar to traditional security.

Tengu platform for big data analysis and Cloud applications

The Tengu platform allows customers to experiment with a lot of aspects of big data. If you want to simply try the new big data stores (e.g. Cassandra or Elastic Search), you can easily set up a Tengu environment with these components already configured. You can also try different types of big data analysis methodologies with Tengu. For example a clean Tengu instance comes with three different types of big data analysis: stream processing, batch analysis and the Lambda Architecture. If you want to experiment with your existing application and see for instance how well it performs in a big data context, Tengu can also be used for this purpose.

Communication of Technical QoS among Cloud Brokers

Service brokers are commonly used in the cloud computing paradigm to represent service requesters to select a service provider. They act as an intermediary between the two parties. One model of the cloud computing paradigm involves 3 layers, the user, the SaaS provider and the Cloud provider. The selection of service requesters is challenging due to the different levels of Quality of Service that each service provider can provide. In this paper we propose a unique mechanism that allows communication between service brokers in different layers in order to further improve this selection.