Self-evaluation tool: Cloud Scout

Agoria, Nebucom's member, participated in the EU Cloud Scout. Cloud Scout is a simple tool to give small businesses the information to decide on how to use the cloud: taking account of their legal, organisational and technical needs. Try the Belgian versions (in Dutch or in French)!

Cloud Scout focusses on security issues primarily for small and medium sized enterprises. In just 10 to 15 minutes this tool provides information about what needs to be considered in order to use cloud computing in a secure manner and about how you can even improve information security. The questions will help you become familiar with cloud and security aspects and explicitly seek to address your specific business situation. When you have completed the questions, you will receive a downloadable report that is customised to your business, clarifying IT and data privacy. It also supports you in choosing the right cloud services and cloud provider. The questionnaire should be considered as a first orientation, not as a substitute for analysing in depth your security requirements. Prior to storing business-critical information or applications in the cloud it is advisable to define a cloud strategy, including a security analysis.

French and Dutch versions



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