Tengu platform for big data analysis and Cloud applications

The Tengu platform allows customers to experiment with a lot of aspects of big data. If you want to simply try the new big data stores (e.g. Cassandra or Elastic Search), you can easily set up a Tengu environment with these components already configured. You can also try different types of big data analysis methodologies with Tengu. For example a clean Tengu instance comes with three different types of big data analysis: stream processing, batch analysis and the Lambda Architecture. If you want to experiment with your existing application and see for instance how well it performs in a big data context, Tengu can also be used for this purpose. In what follows we will go deeper into all the technologies and software components that currently make up Tengu. With specific attention to these components’ function in Tengu and how you, as experimenter, can use them. The last subsection provides a small tutorial on how you can use Tengu to set up a big data environment.

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